Goodbye Next Steps, hello Action Plans 🚀

The workspace for modern sales teams.

Shouldn’t the CRM work for us, instead of us working for the CRM?

“Did you update Next Steps?”
“Is that a realistic Close Date?”
“Are we on track with this deal?”

Are we actually following our playbook, or just freestyling?

“Should we offer a trial to this ICP?”
“Give a discount or wait for higher budget next quarter?”
"When should we loop in additional stakeholders?"

How many deals are we losing when...

...we use tools that hold us back?
...we wait until the next pipeline review to check-in?
...we focus on the wrong deals?

Dear Salesforce, we’ve been together since 1999. You’re a great database.
But it’s time to rethink the way sales teams work.

What if we could focus on winning, instead of on updating the CRM?
What if we could collaborate as a team and learn from our wins and fails?
What if we could run the perfect sales process, every time?
✅ The workspace for modern sales teams
✅ Goodbye spreasheets, adios CRM updates
✅ Create and share Action Plans for every deal
Backed by Village Global, 🏄 Scott Leese, and a select group of top-performing sales leaders

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